Trunk Programs

The Brown County Historical Society has four Trunk programs that organizations (such as local schools) are able to check out for community outreach. The BCHS currently has a Buffalo Trunk, Native American Trunk, Fur Trade Trunk, and an Early Settler Trunk that are available for week long check outs.

1). Buffalo Trunk: Every part of a buffalo was used. See and feel the bones, hide, teeth, tail, horns, hooves, and bladder of the buffalo.
2). Native American Trunk: See and feel ceremonial and personal items, decorations, and tools used by Native Americans.
3). Fur Trader Trunk: See and feel furs, tools, trade silver, decorations, and other trade items are included in the trunk.
4). Settler Trunk: See and feel butter paddles, a corn fritter pan, a rug beater, skates, a hair crimper, a quill pen, and square nails.

If you are an organization looking to check out a Trunk, please call (507) 233-2616 or email Below, you can find the inventories for each trunk. The outreach Trunk programs are made possible by our sponsor, the Pieschel Foundation.

Trunk Inventories

Use the four options below to explore the different Trunk inventories to find what would work best in your classroom.


Between the months of November–May, the BCHS gives a series of presentations at the senior living locations within Brown County. For the 2023–2024 presentation season, the BCHS will be presenting WWI, Ice Harvesting, and the Mammoth Tusk & Other Fossils. These outreach presentations are made possible by our sponsor, the Pieschel Foundation.

The BCHS is currently presenting at: Care Center (Sleepy Eye), CAST Senior Center (New Ulm), Countryside Retirement (Sleepy Eye), Highland Regency (New Ulm), Oak Hills (New Ulm), Orchard Hills (New Ulm), Ridgeway on 23rd (New Ulm), Ridgeway on German (New Ulm),  St. Johns (Springfield), The Maples (Springfield), and Woodstone (New Ulm). If you have any recommendations for a location to visit or if you would like to request a presentation, please contact

Presentation Description

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WWI in
Brown County

Ice Harvesting in
Brown County

The Fossils of
Brown County